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We understand our clients and they value the partnerships we provide.

A True Partnership

Pathology Practice Advisors is a well-rounded, experienced and professional “co-worker” that every pathology practice could use on their team! Whether working on a specific task or undertaking a monumental business project, PPA was right there with me answering questions and providing guidance every step of the way! Auditing our practice from coding to billing and collections, they guided us to where we are today – feeling confident that we accurately code the work we do, file clean claims for payment and monitor reimbursement to ensure we are collecting what contractually we should

Cindi Earwood MT(ASCP), Business Manager, Piedmont Pathology Associates

Anderson, SC 

Professionalism and Expertise

We recently merged four independent pathology groups to become a 30+ physician group located in California. We engaged pathology practice advisors to assist in consolidation of our operations. Al has exhibited outstanding professionalism and expertise. He has a wealth of experience in pathology group billing and management best practices. The impact of the insights that Al provided literally saved hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for our new group, providing clarity to business and billing metrics that we have struggled with for years. The new financial reporting will make us more competitive and profitable for years to come. It has been a pleasure working with Al and Chappy.

Pathologists in a Large Group Practice

Southern California

Billing & Coding Competence

Our group contracted with Pathology Practice Advisors to perform a Coding Compliance and Billing Performance Review.  They are truly veterans in the pathology billing world and did a thorough granular review of our billing process from beginning to end to identify gaps in our system as well as identifying areas of strength.  As there are so many touch points with different personnel, having an outside learned company objectively review our process was most enlightening that could not have be performed in house with the same level of intensity.  Thanks Al and Chappy for your review, detailed report and recommendations!

Mark Synovec, MD, President, Topeka Pathology Group, LLC

Topeka, KS

Guiding Effective Outcomes

As a previous Pathology CEO and now industry consultant, I have continued to utilize Pathology Practice Advisors to assure optimal value to my clients. Drawing from deep experience and integrity, PPA consistently guides effective outcomes in each unique situation.

Tricia Hughey, Principal, Tricia Hughey Consulting, LLC.

Denver, CO

Longstanding Relationship

We have had business relationships with Al and Chappy for more than 20 years and greatly value their expertise. We recently utilized their services to provide a detailed audit of our current billing company. The results were extremely helpful to both our pathology group and to our billing company.

Keith Nance, MD, Rex Pathology Associates

Raleigh, NC

An Invaluable Resource

Al and Chappy rescued us from a challening situation saving many thousands of dollars. Honest, responsive, and knowledgeable, an invaluable resource for any pathology practice.

Raymond Franklin, MD, Pathologist

Orlando, FL

Real-World Experience

Our companies have used PPA, LLP for 3 audits. Al and Chappy are extremely professional and the real world experience they bring to this process is invaluable. They have both been in the “trenches” at a billing company, so they know what they are looking at and what it means. We have implemented some changes in the first location they audited, and now have some great guidelines and talking points. PPA has provided us some great tools to do a better job of monthly monitoring our billing. I think any company should consider having their billing process audited in this day and age. The problem is that you actually may not know what you don’t know – and this is where Al and Chappy are going to give you a measure of comfort that things are going right or have veered off course.

Dona Cranston, CPA, Yellowstone Pathology Institute

Billings, MT